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A Life Saving Tool

Posted on 2021-01-12 22:55:47 by Nahum Tadesse is an incredible, powerful database that helps you find information on a handful of different variables in all 50 states, with some variables going to before the United States was established as a nation. Instead of scouring the web for specific details and struggling with finding consistent, accurate sources Easy States does it all for you. They cut the middleman out so all that remains is you the user, and the data itself. This direct connection simplifies the process and gives users a multitude of variables and years to choose from, along with tools to help visualize the data through charts, tables, graphs, and more.

The resourcefulness of this database can help people from any walk of life; from teachers and professors to students, and anyone wanting to learn more about political, social, and demographic changes in the United States, Easy States is the database for you. I can personally say, that as a University Student this database has helped me in the most trying times when time was scarce, and I highly recommend others use it for their needs and explore the history of the US through data.


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